Who is Happtique?

Happtique is an mHealth solutions company. Our mission is to integrate mobile health into patient care and daily life. Our Happtique mRx™ Mobile Platforms empower healthcare providers to prescribe mobile health apps and engages patients to take an active role in the monitoring and management of their personal health. The mRx Platform facilitates the secure prescribing of health apps, videos and educational documents and the creation customized App marketplaces with App Formularies™ and Catalogs categorized by healthcare profession or health topic. To help consumers and healthcare professionals identify health apps that deliver credible content, safeguard data and perform as described, Happtique operates a voluntary Health App Certification Program that assesses the operability, privacy, security and content of medical, health and fitness apps. All apps that meet the Certification Standards and associated Performance Requirements are granted the Happtique Seal of Trust and featured in the Happtique mRx Mobile Platform. For the latest developments in mobile health visit Happtique.com and tune into our weekly Internet radio show mHealth Zone Live.

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